Covering Arizona’s teacher uprising, state government and midterms in Phoenix for the Associated Press.

Previously covered Los Angeles courthouses and other legal news for Law360; before that, government, municipal beats and politics in Pennsylvania and upstate New York.

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Music industry and technology: 

How Fender plans to change the way the world learns to play guitar.

Vinyl fans still flocking to physical stores.

How Audiotree is reinventing music videos, one live performance at a time.

Interactive music videos are the latest way to get under listeners’ skin.

Streaming concerts is the new gateway for brands into music.

Parents of victims in DUI crashes band together for tougher penalties for drunk drivers.

Pennsylvania makes tens of millions of dollars selling driver data to third parties.

The 93-year old crumbling Greenfield Bridge is coming down – hard  (includes video).

A year after ride-sharing services arrived, DUI rates were noticeably lower.

An increase to traffic ticket fines backfired, upon investigation of the hike.

Politics and government:
Responsible Ohio wanted to legalize marijuana, so they took their campaign to the streets.

How campaigns use technology to scour for data and make contact with could-be voters.

Writing about a proposal to verify veteran status on driver’s licenses uncovered loose auditing in the state’s Department of Military and Veterans Affairs.

A campaign fundraising misdial!

An investigation into cabinet member travel revealed a secretary who lived out-of-state.

Getting to know the nation’s youngest state legislator, elected at age 18.

First Lady Frances Wolf settles in to her new role as Pennsylvania’s First Lady.

How Fast Do We Make Improvement — my personal look at a promising ballet school.

Changing lanes takes patience — on pedestrian/cyclist safety education.

The Great War and the Steel City – a long-term, multimedia centennial commemoration.