Writing & storytelling

I’m a longtime storyteller who focuses on civic issues and how policies affect working families. I have published hundreds of articles on the U.S. government, the economy, and the law.

I’ve also worked on creative communications strategies for local and national nonprofits, from freshening up a web presence to launching illuminating and informative digital media campaigns.

And I also work in collaboration with artists and entrepreneurs on multimedia projects and editorial strategies.

A range of experience

I love connecting with people who are changemakers and dreamers fighting for a better world, and finding creative and inspiring ways to help share their stories.

This work has taken me many places: from political campaign rallies to highway construction sites, from agricultural fields to federal courtrooms.

I’ve also had a number of customer-facing service jobs — and I’ve learned how to keep a cool head in demanding or chaotic environments.

Creative sensibilities

I’ve reported for print, TV, and digital newsrooms across the country, where I frequently led experimental digital efforts and held down challenging beats.

You’ll also find me producing work in other mediums. I’m often weaving photography, video, and music into my work in order to help the messages leap off the screen.

I love to collaborate with other artists and storytellers on nonfiction and documentary-style projects that illuminate the realities of working peoples’ lives and experiences.

Want to work together?

Let’s chat!

Email me: melissa.m.daniels@gmail.com